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People choose their gyms based on the location, price and amenities offered. You would be surprised by how much customers appreciate the small touches that businesses add to their centres. It can be something small but out of the ordinary, like a complimentary water bottle or coffee. People really appreciate the effort businesses put in for their customers. Same goes for gyms and fitness centres. When gyms offer extra services or complimentary products in their different rooms, members notice. Small, low-cost value-adds make a huge difference in how a person perceives your business. PetrA-1 is a one stop shop for any of your fitness amenity needs, servicing fitness centers, boutique gyms, wellness centres and more. We specialize in helping gyms provide the best amenities possible without breaking the bank. There are so many small products that you can offer your members to elevate their experience, but we’ve rounded up the top 5 products you can add to your center to help you offer the best possible experience for your members.

  1. Shaving Cream, Razors & After Shave
  • Shaving Cream
    While these are three separate products, they go hand in hand for providing the best possible shaving experience. A complimentary shaving offering is a perfect way to add to your existing locker rooms and shower experience. Shaving is a daily routine for many so whether your customers stop at the gym on the way to work or the way home from work, offering them an option to shave at your facility is a definite selling point. Having shaving cream readily available in mens locker rooms the showers (like on the vanity) is an easy to implement, low cost solution that can be very valuable to your members. You can buy shave cream for men in bulk from PetrA-1 and refill a dispenser as a  low-cost, environmentally-conscious amenity. 
  • Razors
    Petra-1 bulk razors As well as offering shave cream around your locker room, disposable razors are another solution that will have your customer feeling looked after and appreciated. While members always have the option to bring in their own razors for environmental and sanitary reasons, bulk disposable razors are a great amenity to have for people who take their post-gym shower seriously. No one wants to freshen up at the gym, just to have to go home and finish up with a shave! The convenience of having a full shower line-up including shaving items would be a huge convenience for members, and one that can convince them to choose you over your competitors. Browse PetrA-1’s great, bulk razor choices that are low-cost and made with gyms in mind. As well as the razors we also offer some dispensing solutions such as clear jar containers or wall mounted options to keep your vanity stations looking tidy. 
  • After-Shave

Petra-1 Bulk After Shave

To round off the shave experience, gyms should also consider offering after shave. While after shave is not necessary for a perfect shaving routine, it is a luxurious product that helps people feel fresh and secure after a good shave. Moisturizing your skin after shaving is important, and offering after shave as an amenity is a sure fire way to attain member satisfaction. PetrA-1 has bulk after shave that can be filled into a dispenser, just like the shaving cream mentioned above. You can add both the shaving cream and aftershave in a double dispenser to keep these products close together. Learn more about customizing these dispensers by reading this blog.

2. Mouthwash 

Petra-1 Bulk MouthwashFresh breath is a necessity! Did you know tat many people suffer from bad breath after a workout? According to dentists, when you workout you’re drying out your mouth which leads to bad breath. Members surely want to get rid of this problem, so offering peppermint mouthwash on your vanity station is a great solution for members who want to leave feeling as fresh as when they arrived. PetrA-1 offers bulk mouthwash at a low-cost that can be poured into a dispenser and displayed on the vanities located in the change rooms. Members can use small, disposable cups to dispense the bulk mouthwash into and enjoy lasting fresh breath.


Petra-1 Deodorant

Deodorant is a must for staying fresh once you’re done in the showers. We want to ensure that we smell good long after our shower and that we’re protected throughout our day… especially after a sweaty workout. Bonus points for if you use it before a workout to stop any unpleasant odors from arising within the walls of the centers. Fitness centers should be offering deodorant to their members to ensure that everyone is smelling great and the center is in tip-top smelling shape. PetrA-1’s Body Revive line offers a bulk deodorant made with fitness centers in mind. Members can dispense the exact amount they need and move onto their workout or the rest of their day smelling great.

4. A Towel Chiller

Petra-1 Towel Chiller

What screams unique and luxurious other than a spa towel chiller filled with towels meant to cool you down after a hot, sweaty workout? Or a session in the stream room at your favorite spa. Spa towels are pleasant to guests, but chilled towels placed on the skin after heat  is a valuable and therapeutic experience that all guests would like to experience. Overheating is dangerous which can lead to heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Cooling spa towels are widely used for cooling the body down after an intense workout or some heavy cardio. You can supply them at triathlons, with runners wearing little spa towels around their necks in order to cool down. In fact, cooling spa towels can be considered a PPE (personal protective equipment), as the effects of heat can be dangerous if not regulated. A towel chiller is a way to not only prevent heat exhaustion, but it’s also a way to offer your members an amenity that brings them immediate comfort and relaxation after a hard workout or session in the jacuzzi, or sauna. 

5. Cotton Swabs & Cotton Balls

Petra-1 Cotton Balls

Cotton swabs and cotton balls are a staple in everyone’s bathrooms at home, so why wouldn’t they be offered near the vanities in gym showers. Used for cleaning ears, applying skin care and cleaning makeup, these items are essential for proper toiletry use and for freshening up. Your members deserve the best aftercare they can possibly have post-workout. PetrA-1 offers both items in a bulk format so that you can supply your many members with as many swabs and balls as they need, without accumulating large expenses for these items.

These are some of the features that a fitness facility can offer that might be what pushes people to choose your gym over another. In fact, many people begin their search for a new gym by looking at what amenities different gyms offer and comparing them to what they’re looking for. There are tons of articles listing what you should be looking for in your gym like this one or this one, and these two barely make mention of shower amenities. But, there’s also a lot of articles and information out there comparing shower amenities at gyms. There’s actually information out there solely focusing on the best gym showers. Your post-workout shower routine is nearly as important to your body and health as is the workout itself. You need to take care of your body for it to continue to give you the energy you need for your workouts and the rest of your day. That is why many people focus on the best gym showers.  

While you don’t need to rush to offer all of these small amenities at once, members will definitely appreciate it if you offer a few of these products. It will elevate their fitness experience and set them up for a better loyalty among your members when they remember all of the small efforts your center has made to improve their gym time. If you want to get on the level of the best gyms and add yourself to the competition, you must offer special amenities to stand out. PetrA-1 is known for servicing fitness facilities with amenities and we are experienced in understanding what your members would likely appreciate. We have thousands of items and are able to customize some to the exact style, size, design you need. Elevate your gym, your brand and your reputation with small little changes with our help/

Find out which amenities are suited to your membership by contacting us at 1-866-334-3702 or to speak to a customer sale representative about your gym. You can also browse the rest of our product offerings at


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