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If you’ve ever been to a facility with a pool (whether it’s an indoor or outdoor pool), you might have seen a mid-sized, metallic box hanging on the wall in the change rooms. Almost of a garbage-like structure, this machine is a staple in centers but a mystery to members. This blog will be unfolding the mystery that is Suitmates, a water extractor that removes 95% of water from swimsuits. No one wants to deal with wet, soggy swimsuits floating around their bag. This is particularly convenient for members who stop by the gym in the morning and go to work, school, or anywhere else right after the gym.

Suitmate dryer

So, what is a Suitmate and how does it work?

A Suitmate is a swimsuit water extractor. It removes 95% of water from wet swimsuits in just eight seconds. It is very easy to use.  The user must simply put the wet garment into the Suitmate and close it firmly. The Suitmate will automatically start and finish extracting in eight seconds. There’s no need to push a start or stop button, just close the top and it will automatically lock, start and stop itself. Once it is done (and you’ll be able to tell that it is done because the noise will stop), you can open the top and take your swimsuit out.


suitemate dryer

How does it work and what is it made from?

The Suitmate is made from medical-grade stainless steel, making it incredibly durable in high moisture environments like a change room. Inside the Suitmate, you’ll find a high-speed spin process that spins at 3,450 revolutions per second, which makes it a safer option (as it dries without the use of heat). It features a manal self-start and stop function making it very easy to use. You should only be putting one swimsuit at a time into the Suitmate.

Benefits for suitmate dryer

Where should you install the Suitmate?

You’ll typically find the Suitmate installed in change rooms. It is the most convenient place to dry a swimsuit, after members are done changing and are packing up their bags. It should be near enough lockers and/or showers that you may have at your facility. It requires a hard-wired electrical connection and a water drainage set-up, as well. The water that is extracted from the garment drains into your facility’s waste line. Suitmate dryer

Where can I buy a Suitmate?

Petrasoap is a one-stop shop for all of your fitness amenity needs. We are the official Canadian distributor and service center for Suitmates. We offer a wide range of amenities, including a Suitmate (which is linked here). The Suitmate is only offered at one size and weight at this time from the company itself, so we carry the one option. However, we offer the Suitmates Select Program that allows you to customize the casing of the suitmate. We can have the Suitmate wrapped with a double layer of premium vinyl with the branding, logo, design and/or colour of your choice.

custom suitmate dryerbenefits of suitmate

We strive to make buying fitness amenities as easy and as cost-efficient as possible. You can contact us today to speak to a sales representative about Suitmates or about bundling our many products for a lower, overall cost. Or you can call us at 1-866-334-3702 to find out more about the Suitmate and our company. Improve your gym, while cutting expenses with Petrasoap.

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