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It is time to rejoice as virus case numbers go down and Canada begins to reopen its provinces. Society is itching to get back out there and resume their ‘pre pandemic’ lives. Gyms are inviting their members back inside for that much desired workout, restaurants are seating their guests indoors again, and stores are finally accepting all of those online returns in-person. The real excitement lies in returning to the fitness and wellness centres. The need to get active again is bubbling in all of us, and people are excited to take advantage of this particular re-opening. The real worry now is the question of what it takes to safely reopen and stay open this time. The answer is: an understanding of what products and amenities your club should offer to not only keep it safe and clean, but also inspire confidence within your members. Continue reading for a complete guide on what your club should offer and how Petra Hygienic Systems can help.

So, where do you start? Well, it is important to have a working knowledge of the Covid-19 terminology. 

For this piece, we’ll be focusing on ‘disinfect’. 


What Does It Mean?


  1. a chemical liquid that destroys bacteria.


  1. causing the destruction of bacteria.


Why is it important to wipe down gym equipment? A study published by researchers in 2014 found that every single piece of gym equipment in a fitness centre in Memphis contained bacteria. Bacterias thrive in warm, moist environments (like the gym) and are attracted to sweat. This can cause a lot of sickness to spread around, easily. Enter, disinfectant. To properly eradicate the presence of bacteria on gym equipment and stop the spread of viruses, it is necessary to disinfect the surface before and after every use. This is done through a liquid chemical that destroys the growth of bacteria. Some examples of common disinfectants are: hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, surface cleaning sprays (like an all-purpose spray), and antibacterial liquid soaps. All can be used in conjunction (based on the situation) to help keep bacteria out of fitness centres and members safe. 

So, now that you know what ‘to disinfect’ means, let’s look at the best options for your fitness centre. 


The first step to ensuring certain cleanliness standards on the gym floor would be a trusted gym wipe that patrons (and staff) can use to wipe down equipment before and after every use. Using gym wipes to clean equipment is easy for your members to use and easier for your staff to replace. Simply position a gym wipe dispenser with a roll of these gym wipes in every area of the gym for members to easily wipe every surface of the equipment before and after they workout. You’ll need trustworthy wipe dispensers that are easy to refill, do not get gym wipes stuck inside, and are easy to rip off each gym wipe. Petra offers many different wipe dispensers for you to choose from.

We have the perfect wipe for every facility, with a choice between 4 different wipe offerings to choose from on our website. Below, you will find information about one of our popular offerings, Certainty Wipes.

Petrasoap Certainty Wipes


Another extremely important amenity to offer to your members is hand sanitizer with touchless dispensers. Able to effectively kill 99.99% of germs, a reliable hand sanitizer along with a compatible Hand sanitizer dispenser is a necessity for not only all gyms, but all public spaces in 2021 and forward. Hands come into contact with bacteria very easily, then they often come in contact with the face (ears, nose, mouth, and eyes), a sure fire way to allow a virus into your body. In order to stop this from happening, facilities should place touchless hand sanitizer dispensers at every main entrance and busy foot trafficked area around your facility. Having a touchless, automatic dispenser will ensure that germs are not growing all over a typical hand sanitizer pump, and members are completely killing the bacteria off of their hands. Petra Hygienic Systems has a hand sanitizer option for every facility, but most popular is the Athleticare Waterless Hand Sanitizer 70% available in one gallon jugs (4 jugs per case). We also offer a Hands Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser & Stand  for easy disinfecting of hands. 

Hand Sanitizer dispenser


Did you know that the best way to kill bacteria off of hands is by first washing your hands for 20 seconds with a rich foaming soap, then drying your hands and using a hand sanitizer. The perfect liquid soap does exist and it is a quality liquid soap that does not break the budget. Petra offers a range of hand soaps to suit your club’s needs, whether you are looking for a particular scent or a basic, scentless liquid soap. Not all liquid soaps are made the same, though. Some are made with additives and parabens that can cause skin irritation and will leave your skin feeling dried out. FIT! Hand Soap is made without parabens, formaldehyde and PEG. Petra formulated the liquid soap with moisturizing ingredients and a gentle disinfectant. Coming in gallon jugs with 4 gallons to the case, this cost effective hand soap option will keep your bathroom dispensers stocked and your customers happy. 

Wholesale Hand soap


Fitness centres and gyms are some of the biggest facilities with the most traffic coming in and out. In order to maintain the utmost professional cleanliness standards, employees must sanitize and disinfect all surfaces multiple times a day. This can be quite the time consuming task and there is always the possibility of human error. Not every surface is guaranteed to be cleaned to the degree that is required. That is why every gym should have an EvaClean Professional Electrostatic Sprayer. Whether you choose to purchase the handheld sprayer or the backpack version, the Electrostatic Sprayer is able to cover three times more surface area than regular cleaning techniques. It has become a reliable way to quickly and efficiently disinfect areas that are known to grow bacteria, such as dumbbells, equipment, and the club facilities. It is able to disinfect and sanitize hard surfaces and food-contact surfaces by 80% more surface area than typical cleaning methods like wipes, mops, and all purpose spray and rags in less amount of time. The Electrostatic Sprayer is an investment in your gym’s reputation for hygiene and cleanliness.


Electrostatic Sprayer electrostatic sprayer

The pandemic has disrupted the routine of fitness centers and gym owners over the past 18 months however, with members returning it is more important than ever to make sure they feel safe within your environment. Wiping down gym equipment and taking time to improve and refine facilities with the products outlined above will show your members that you understand their worries about post-pandemic fitness and safety is essential. Making small improvements like updating your wipe dispensers, buying economical gym wipes, and offering the safety of disinfectant products can greatly lower the cost of running your gyms in the future, while simultaneously creating an environment that members would choose over your competition or staying at home. Improve your facilities offering, while cutting your expenses with Petra Hygienic Systems.

Visit our website to view a full catalogue of our products, or email us at to speak to a customer representative about how we can help improve your member experience with our products. 


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