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The past decade has seen a huge shift in consumer behaviours. As a society, we now care more than ever before about what goes into our bodies and what is around us. Consumers are looking for products that do not include parabens or formaldehyde, they’re noticing when your products are labeled cruelty-free, and they want to know that what they’re using is considered safe and natural. According to a survey done by Accenture, “of 6,000 consumers in 11 countries, 72% of respondents said they’re currently buying more environmentally friendly products than they were five years ago, and 81% said they expected to buy more over the next five years.” In Nielson’s 2015 release of The Sustainability Imperative, they found that 66% of consumers were more willing to pay higher prices for sustainable brands, a number that has grown since that year. Health is another marker for why a consumer would buy something, with over half of respondents citing “health & wellness benefits, and made from fresh, natural and/or organic ingredients” as high on the list of priority. 

Naturally, these findings would mean that fitness and wellness facilities can use this information to attract newer members with a clean, natural hair and body care offering. Existing members  are more willing to buy natural liquids soap options and will be delighted to hear that their favoured gym is now more environmentally focused in their amenities. It can be properly inferred that the new consumer is looking to make their life more ‘green’ and healthy, so an offering of clean amenities at a fitness or wellness institute is a big priority for this new, common consumer. In 2019, an article published in Forbes said that, “With ingredients topping the list of things that matter most to consumers, innovators that lead with transparency, sustainability and traceability can enjoy an open playing field,” meaning that cleaner product ingredients are one of the most important shifts coming with the newer generation of consumers. They are now actively looking at ingredients and reading liquid soap labels to judge whether or not a product fits within these standards. It is time for facilities to step up to this new standard and add green products to their centres in order to please the masses. Also, it is important to note that many green products are created to save facility costs in order to incite the switch to more eco-friendly products. Scroll below to find a list of great natural, green products to include in your amenities.

Super Concentrates

Super Concentrates are a highly concentrated liquid soap formula that delivers a rich, full-bodied, dense soap once mixed with water. Packaged in a 5 gallon jug, Petra soap Super Concentrates liquid soap will make up to 40 gallons of soap when mixed using The Wizard. You mix the concentrate liquid soap with the water at your facility rather than at the manufacturer’s factory, which means the amount of liquid soap concentrate product required for a specific number of cleaning tasks is significantly less than ready-to-use alternatives. Ultimately, this results in more chemicals and less water carried on vehicles, which reduces the amount of plastic used in deliveries and also reduces a truck’s carbon footprint on deliveries worldwide. It uses less packaging which results in fewer raw materials being consumed and ensures that less waste is generated. Switching to super concentrate liquid soap can save 105 lbs of CO2, whilst also saving $31 in shipping cost every time. 

PetraSoap Wizard dispenser





Petra soap Oceania product line

Petra formulated Oceania with the idea that every facility should have a shower range that leaves members feeling extremely clean and soft, without having to pay a premium price or sacrificing quality. Oceania is designed for frequent use and does not leave any residue or create build-up in your hair or on your skin. The shampoo and body wash products produce a luxurious foam, without drying out your skin or hair or stripping away natural oils. Both the conditioner and lotion are thiazolinone free and made up of certified organic, plant-based ingredients, while all four products are paraben and formaldehyde free. The shampoo and bodywash are made up of certified organic, plant-based ingredients meaning that it is not only completely safe for the user, but actually a healthy choice. Our products are certified cruelty-free, do not feature animal products or animal by-products, and are also gluten-free. These wholesale products are perfect for any and all fitness facilities, spas, and clubs. Members will appreciate a green range being offered by their club. Being assured that the shower products you use are clean and will not harm you (like the average product can) is a luxury that members will truly value in your centre. 


FreshWave IAQ Air

FreshWave iAQ Air

FreshWave IAQ is a non-toxic odor eliminating spray made with natural ingredients. We offer this line in multiple different formats, including liquid and gel. It is a targeted method of odor elimination that works on both surfaces and in the air. It eliminates organic and inorganic odors. It does not mask odors; it completely eradicates them. It does not contain irritating fragrances, is completely safe, and are ecological choices. FreshWave has earned recognition from the Safer Choice program and is recognized as a green product. This product is a great choice for targeting body odor in gyms in a healthy way. Members will appreciate a club’s initiative in spraying the facility with a product that is non-toxic.

Anti-Theft Towel Systems

 Giving your customers the option to freshen up after their workout without having to take a wet towel home with them in a bag is sure to attract more customers to your facility. Many clubs either add this expense into the cost of membership or offer a ‘premium’ membership option where towel service is included. I know what you’re thinking: won’t your more ‘forgetful’ members end up taking some of these towels home with them just to have you replace them? Having to constantly replace towels one at a time is not great for the environment. Petrasoap removed all of the potential ‘cons’ of this offering by introducing Anti-Theft Towels. Our towels are made of high-quality, 100% ring-spun cotton. The soft, plush feel will captivate your clients, making it a big selling point for new members to join your club. Club owners will love the money they save through our exclusive, anti-theft RFID technology that cuts massive towel replacement costs. Having an anti-theft system in place means less replacing, less consumption. But where can you shop towels in bulk to save on shipping and production waste? Buying from Petrasoap also means your facility saves materials during production and cuts the pollution and costs from shipping.

Recyclable Jugs

Petrasoap is able to assure facilities that our jugs are 100% recyclable. Once you are done with your product, you can put your Petrasoap products in recycling. Some states offer monetary or tax incentives for using recyclable products. Be sure to visit your state associated website to check for what kind of incentives your facility can receive for recycling plastics. Promoting that you recycle to your members is also a great way to show them that their club uses eco-friendly products.


Making the change to a more green facility will not only attract more members to your facility over others, but it also has a cost-incentive that is appealing to fitness and wellness centres. Email Petrasoap at or call us at 1-800-463-2516 to speak to a customer representative to find out how we can help you make the switch to a greener facility. Up your amenity offers, while saving money with Petrasoap.






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