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2020 was a brutal year for gym memberships, the less said about it the better. Let’s focus on the positives now though, as America has opened back up, the opportunity to attract new members to your club is larger than ever as people look to get back into a standard fitness routine and enroll in a gym membership once more.
While some people used the lockdown restricted time to relax, others have built their own home gyms that are tailored specifically to their needs. Home gyms may have been the answer during quarantine, but the need to get out of the home and back into society is enticing so gyms and fitness centers need to be ready to stand out. Whether you are looking to increase your yoga studio, boxing studio, golf club or facility membership, here are essentials you’ll need in order to ensure an abundance of new members, and lure older members out of their home gyms and back into your club.
In order to increase your membership, you’ll need to stand out against other facilities. A lot more than just monthly price is factored into the decision to join a gym. In fact, one of the best ways to stand out against other clubs is by improving the overall gym going experience of your members and ensuring they have everything they need for a complete experience. In a competitive industry, marginal gains and improvements are going to make a big difference and things as simple as a towel service or a full stack locker room amenity offering are the little touches that go a long way. Petrsoap has been supplying gyms for over 30 years now and has witnessed the rise and falls of gym memberships, and is ready to help your club transform its space in an inexpensive, but big way. Read on for simple ways to make your club stand out!
Inspire Confidence With Hygiene Standards

I know that you are probably tired of reading about safety, hygiene and cleanliness but whether you like it or not this is still going to be at the forefront of people’s minds. Even with relaxing of restrictions and the return to normalcy, people are still going to want to see that your facility is doing its best to stop the spread of germs. You do not have to go overboard here but a couple of small offerings will go a long way. It has become commonplace to see the ever faithful, hands free hand sanitizer dispenser waiting to fulfill the cleanliness standard that we now expect from every place. As a product that only requires a one-time purchase, it is an inexpensive way to ensure that your clients feel safe when entering (& exiting) your facility. Petrsoap’s hand sanitizer is a compelling way to save money when refilling your dispensers. We offer wholesale, bulk options at an affordable price for refilling your hand sanitizer dispensers.
Another way you can inspire confidence in your members and provide a higher customer experience is through the strategic placement of sanitizing wipes around your facility. Let’s face it, no one wants to have to carry around a sanitizing spray bottle with paper towels in between machine uses. A simple one pull wipe that you can clean the equipment off with before/after using it makes life way easier and gives a higher end feel to your club. Sanitizing wipes have always been a well-respected addition to nearly every fitness facility. Having an easily accessible way to quickly clean your chosen equipment or item is an unbeatable route straight to user comfort. Now that society is more aware and cautious of germs and bacteria, it is more important than ever to have a fool-proof supplier for wipes. Petrasoap offers a cost-effective way to increase your supply of sanitizing wipes at a bargain price through our ClubWipes. With us, you can save on expenses, while increasing members by guaranteeing autonomous cleanliness with wipes. We also offer non roping wipe dispensers in both wall mounted or floor standing options. Check out our full range of wipe dispensers here.

Spruce Up Your Bathrooms With Custom Dispensers

Custom shower dispenser


Locker rooms and bathrooms are a place within the facility that are often overlooked by many clubs. This is another instance where a little extra goes a long way. Offering your customers a good hand soap that leaves their hands feeling and smelling fresh is imperative and what better way to dispense this hand soap than with a customized dispenser. 

Customizing these products with your logo or a label adds a splash of colour to your facility as well as increase brand recognition. Petrasoap offers a wide variety of solutions for dispenser customization from label printing to custom bottle screening. With our in-house design team and screening capabilities we are able to offer these printing options to you at competitive pricing. We act as a one stop shop for both the dispenser and the printing needs!

For more information on dispenser customization, email us at

Go The Extra Mile With Towel Service

Towels Bulk

Another easy way to add some perceived value is to introduce a towel service for your members. Giving your customers the option to freshen up after their workout without having to take a wet towel home with them in a bag is sure to attract more customers to your facility. Many clubs either add this expense into the cost of membership or offer a ‘premium’ membership option where towel service is included. I know what you’re thinking, won’t your more ‘forgetful’ members end up taking some of these towels home with them? Petrasoap removed all of the potential ‘cons’ of this offering by introducing  Anti-Theft Towels. Our towels are made of high-quality, 100% ring-spun cotton. The soft, plush feel will captivate your clients, making it a big selling point for new members to join your club. Club owners will love the money they save through our exclusive, anti-theft RFID technology that cuts massive towel replacement costs.

For more information on towel service, towel consumption and anti theft towels, reach out to us to claim a free ROI audit. 

Build Brand Awareness With Promotional Items

Finally, you can impress your new and existing clients with company branded items! Going the (easy and guilt-free with our low costs) extra mile to put your name and/or logo on workout towels, water bottles and other promotional items is like creating a walking billboard to attract new clients. Every person who leaves the facility with one of these items goes to different places, meaning your brand will be in front of a variety of potential new members. Alternatively, you can provide branded uniforms to your employees for a more streamlined look at your centre. Petrasoap offers custom towels, water bottles, uniforms, signage, badges, and more. Email us at or call us 1-800-463-2516 for more information or a custom quote. 

custom dispenser options

Don’t be left behind in the race to attract new members. The simple, relatively inexpensive options listed above will help your club stand out amongst the masses. Constantly adding value to your customer experience is a sure fire way to increase member retention as well as attract new customers to your gym!


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